Tuesday, 26 February 2013

The OTHER Bike Path

Yes this is about the OTHER Bike Path. The one that's suppose to be part of a network running across the North Shore. One section of it runs along the back of the units on College Crescent and has been paved in sections VERY slowly over the last decade. One section up at the top under the church car park is STILL unpaved and partly because of that I suspect the pathway is mainly used by local residents people walking dogs and a few skateboarders and maybe a few ACTUAL cyclists too? 

I went for a walk there a couple of days ago and find one narrow section is NOT clogged with weeds.  I'm not sure who is suppose to be finishing this project but this is just ridiculous. Can the whole path be paved and finished properly after someone rips up the weeds? It would take one or two days at the most to finish but apparently since its not in public view a mountain bike trail that can't be used when it rains is more important?