Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Party Noise College Crescent Hello

College Crescent Residents
Hello and an UNgentle reminder


Yes We realise it was a warm summer night so you had the balcony doors open but it was the middle of the week and your dinner party / drinking session went on and on and on until ... was it after 2 AM?

Did you notice the large building site across the street?

Some of us work casually or from and look forward to quiet nights  after a day or a half day depending what hours we're working on.

We'd had to listen to swearing yelling crashing drilling cutting banging from that building site all day.

You may have been out all day and need to unwind and relax?

Fine B U U U T

Please cease to do that as you've done it before by shrieking loudly from your balcony!

Either close the doors or drink less on weekday nights!

I'm sure your building manager and body corporate have received complaints.

I don't want to add to that list!