Friday, 1 February 2013

Meet Olivia and dealing with snakes.

It's the Year of the Snake and last weekend on Australia Day at Hornsby  Olivia the Olive Python was doing her best to show people all not snakes bite or are poisonous.

What should you do if Olivia or any of her cousins try to move indoors to get away from the extreme heat or the rain? Don't panic or try to hit the snake. A upset snake is more likely to bite, regardless of species. Keep dogs cats and other pets away from the snake if possible.

If the snake is actively aggressive and lunging at you or a pet or child use a broom BUT not to swat the snake. Use the soft end to push the snake away or if its poisonous to get the snake to bite that instead you.

Have the phone number for one or all of these on hand: the Council Animal control officer if there is one, the RSPCA, or WIRES. Even if they don't deal with snakes they can probably tell you who's the nearest person who can.

If the snake has bitten you or a pet and you don't have first aid training ring an ambulance straight away and get the patient to stay as still as possible.  You need to slow down their circulation. Sucking venom out of the bite will only help  if the bite was shallow and you do it ASAP. For pets immobilize pet in blankets and get it straight to the vet but ring first to check the vet has antivenene available!

Most snakes even the poisonous ones are not aggressive and help keep down pests like mice and rats and some insects. If you're lucky enuff (yes I DO MEAN LUCKY) to have a small python in the area please check there are no holes in your floor or outdoor aviaries or cages or henhouse if you keep birds or small animals  and also so that it can not  get into cavities between walls and maybe even help it by letting it drink from your pets water bowl or giving it a separate water bowl to keep it away from the pets if you think its moved under a rock in the garden?

Finally stay informed! Go to the library or Google for reliable information.
Learn the difference between vipers adders and pythons.
and learn first aid.

Would you like to see a fuller article on how to treat snake bite?

Let me know ?