Sunday, 3 November 2013

Fun with furniture and fabrics


For the last couple of months I've been having terrible fun NOT with furniture.

A relative left the world and I'm OH TOO SLOWLY trying to re-arrange the furnishings disposing selling giving away OR NOT

Take this pair of cabinets for example.

Okay their's  old but not  fashionable 50s retro thing
but it has all 4 legs only a few marks
and the drawers all work and can I sell the pair for a mere 50 dollars ? Nope.

Then there's this chest of drawers again 50 dollars no missing legs 

and has it sold ? nope? 

I tried gumtree and 2 facebook groups.

Ah are you thinking dump it or give it to charity?

Since I don't have a car or ute I can't cos to donate to the Salvos ... well they only have one truck that has to be booked in advance and theres' partly some kind of  issue about our car park ramp and OHS  and their truck being too big and uh  

Anyone care to make me a offer? 

Then there's fabrics. I got left boxes and bags of pieces of silk cotton and other stuff I just can't use. I don't sew. I have actually managed to sell half of that.

I checked prices I'm offering about a 75% discount.

I sent email to several craft organisation which went unanswered.

Fortunately about half the material has done to crafters and costumiers.

But ... stuff still left. 

If you know anyone who quilts and needs small pieces show them this and tell I also have larger pieces of silk left. 10 dollars a bag. Discounts if you buy 3 bags.

Hornsby NSW pickup cash only Gmail me.

Spread the word. Meanwhile whimper grumble I'll be outside. Must go and see what's surviving the weather out on the balcony!

That's another story on the angst  of rooftop gardening!