Saturday, 23 November 2013

Cristmas is coming

Christmas is coming and with it discount sales.

I'ld love to buy a new better camera so people if you have enjoyed my photos please let other people know about this blog or about my Cafepress Shop

Voxy Visions

I need the extra income since I have an UNPAID "vacation" due to community colleges and art centres and TAFE that provide me with casual work shutting down to February.

... and since TAFE funding cuts reduced my work hours this year ....

Copyright Julie Vaux 2013 
oh and I also donate part of all sales to charity so if you make a modern ironic Xmas card let people know about this design and if you don't please try to buy cards that donate part of their proceeds to local charities?

and follow this blog ... I usually design and give away at least one free to download  e-card  file sometime in december.