Thursday, 15 May 2014

Hornsby HAKKEI

A Challenge for local photographers

Some of you may have heard of the Eight Scenic Views of Lake Biwa used as a theme for Japanese art or even of the the Views of Xiao and Xiang which inspired the idea.

I propose we establish or try to an EIGHT VIEWS OF HORNSBY SHIRE

What do you think are 8 Iconic Scenic themes worth photographing?

The list of 8 in Japan is :

Geese descending or flying over Katata on the Lake's shore.

Perhaps the cockatoos daily commute up form the gorge and back again or the ravens in flight or our local rainbow lorikeets?

Next there's Night Rain at the Shrine.

Perhaps Night rain or a thunder storm arriving at the end of a long hot day?

The snow on Hira.

No snow ! What about the fog rising from Galston gorge making the world disappear into a sea of white?

Temple Bells at Miidera.

We don't have scenic gates pagodas or temple gardens.

Perhaps the Picardy Rose Walk at the Park?

The Moon seen from Ishiyamadera.

We can often see the Moon rising not over a lake but certainly from our balconies and back yards or windows?

The fishing village

Brooklyn perhaps?

The Seta bridge.

Berowra Waters ferry? Brooklyn bridge?

Lastly sail boats coming into port.

Brooklyn?  the Hawkesbury ?

Your ideas and comments are invited.