Thursday, 25 July 2013


Hornsby Advocate is reporting yet another proposal by developer for high rise on the West Side of Hornsby including a possible 26 storey office building.

Who's going to tenant that I don't know? The "government department"  that people seem to think will magically appear in hornsby and ALWAYS employ locals?

Developers and council and Hornsby Advocate and a few locals who presumably stand to benefit in the long term have been sharing a VERY pretty watercolor showing the westside as a "cultural precinct" with a "Parisian boulevard" look.

Curiously in this watercolor there are no shadows whatsoever.

Apparently developers and architects believe despite evidence to the contrary that glass walled buildings are transparent and Never cast shadows?

Apparently they've never been to chatswood or the centre of Sydeny any time in the last 20 years?

Yes most of us with reluctance accept that there will be some high rise on the WEST side BUT NOT 26 storeys and please stop claiming there will be a cultural precinct unless you can guarantee

a) the Odeon cinema will be preserved

b) one of those developments will include a public art gallery museum or arts centre for Hornsby

c) you understand cultural means more than "nice little cafes"

d) the development includes gallery spaces or shops preserved for startup leases fro small businesses cultural or not

e) some sort of performance space for local musos and theatre groups

Cultural does not mean large expensive high rise shops and units no one local can afford to rent

Oh and is any part of these developments going to be low income or affordable housing for people on welfare with disabilities who cant work more than part time or for TAFE or UNI students or nurses or teachers or those homeless people living in the national park ? Nope?

Culture is more than food and architecture.

and on an entirely topic the Pigeons at Hornsby park Condo for birds are very happy cos the winter rain has been refilling their swimming pool.

Mmm yes high rise developments might make a great deal of profit for whoever sells and installs those spikes that are suppose to keep pigeons and other birds off building ledges?