Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Dog Walkers Beware!

Do you use the park that runs parallel to Pretoria Parade?

I've never actually seen any rangers enforce this but do keep an eye out just in case. Personally I have NO objections to well behaved dogs running off the leash so long as its away from the play area and the only bad dog behaviour I've seen was really more heard. Some dogs will bark at others. And then there's the Killer Marshmallows two terriers who seem to aggravate other dogs simply by strutting past them. Yes T78 and B5678 we love you and you areboth adorable but also very macho!  Anyway just careful! Some one must have complained.

However do watch out.

A note to those timid about dogs. If a strange dog  lunges leaps or runs towards you on or off a lead just stand still and straight and  tell it firmly to stay down.
If it shows signs of aggression like barking and isnt with an owner calmly walk away.